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Africa Intellectual Property Partners (AIP) is Brand Leadership’s Africa-focused brand-led intellectual property law practice.

Where branding is primarily focused on the creation aspects, Intellectual Property is about managing the legal protection of the intangible assets that emanate from creative innovation: patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.

Our Intellectual Property practice helps clients to identify their valuable brand assets, enforce their rights, protect them against predatory, abusive and illegal abuse that prevent fair and open competition; to develop strategies to leverage and maximise them, and to develop policies for their acquisition, use and management, for established and emerging businesses and the creative community in Africa and beyond.


Adv. Phelane Phomane
– Managing Partner

Thebe Ikalafeng
BSC. MBA. LLM in Intellectual Property
– Director, Strategy

Shane Moore
B.Proc. LLB
- Director, Litigation

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