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Africa's Biggest Brands
African Business Review, April 2011

On paper, the performance of African brands in the BrandFinance Global 500 list of the most valuable brands looks poorTelecoms giant MTN is the sole representative of African brands to make the top 500, positioned 199th in the table topped by Google. However, we took the time to delve deeper into the outlook for the continent’s brands - and it is certainly bright.Thebe Ikalafeng is the founder of Brand Leadership Group, a company that builds brands both in Africa and abroad.He singled out the South African entity as a shining example and said other African brands should look no further than MTN for a recipe for success. "MTN has set the standard and the pace for other brands," he said. "It has shown the guts to play in the big leagues, to break out and travel out of Africa. It has been bold and taken risks.

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Africa's Biggest Brands