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African Creators Need To Invest in Building Brands
Fredrick Masinga, Daily Monitor: Uganda, 25 November 2008

African creators need to invest in building brands. Among the world's top 100 brands, 80/100 are American and a couple are Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Swedish, etc. No African brands. We are more consumers rather than creators. But most importantly we lack confidence in our ability to build and support "made in Africa." We need to create a unique offering and distinction of what "made in Africa" means. "Made in Germany" means engineering excellence. "Made in Japan" means precision. "Made in China" means mass and inexpensive. What does "Made in Africa" mean? If we can believe in Africa and what makes us different, others will believe in it and all it's about. Brands are the vehicle to tell a new African story. That's why MTN (South Africa) and Glo (Nigeria) are such important success stories - they speak to the African spirit of entrepreneurship, confidence and resilience.

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African Creators Need To Invest in Building Brands